Fashion week in NYC is always something that I to look forward to! There is so much hype around it, but it's because it literally takes over the entire city! The hotels are packed with out of town guests, there are so many fun events going on, restaurants are busier than ever, and everywhere you look, people are dressed amazingly from head to toe. Whether you attend a show or not, there is so much to be inspired by. I absolutely love it! This year I had the honor of attending a few shows + events, and shot this look after attending the Kyboe show. It was the first time I've ever attended a runway show that was for watches, and I was so curious as to how they would pull it off- but it was so much fun! They had a conveyer belt of watches going down the runway, and guy + girl models working the runway alongside the watches. The music was super loud + fun, and it literally felt like a massive party! It was awesome! :)

To attend the show, I wore this amazing jumpsuit from Dolce Vita. I worked as a fit model for Dolce Vita for almost a year, and so this jumpsuit was actually fit on me! Most of you are probably only familiar with Dolce Vita shoes, but their clothing line just launched in August and it looks great! After fitting this jumpsuit, I knew it was one of the main things I had to purchase when it came to stores because I loved the relaxed fit of it so much. It's super comfy to wear, but still looks so chic! I wore it with my silver pumps to dress it up a bit, and carried my favorite mini bucket bag from Milly

Let me know what you think of this look! Have a great weekend!

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Zach Brose