Dynamic Duo

I really love shooting. I started modeling for an agency when I was a junior in high school, and ever since then I've realized that from photoshoots to runway shows, fittings to showrooms, e-commerce to catalogs, my absolute favorite part about modeling has always been  shooting. I love the art behind the shot. The location, the look, the attitude, the emotion, the styling, the inspiration... I seriously love it all! Shooting for my blog is always so much fun, but working with this dynamic photography duo, Evan + John, brought out the model in me. The shoot quickly became more about the lighting and the emotion verses the outfit and what I was wearing... so I'm sorry about that!! But I definitely enjoyed it and hope to shoot with these guys again soon! These guys are creative, innovative, easy going, and always so much fun to work with! :) 

But about the look-- I wore these light-wash Zara flares that always seem to look best with a close-toed heel, so I wore them with my TopShop boots. My top is this amazing striped Milly dolman sleeve sweater that I love to wear because it is so boxy and easy to just throw on with anything. The stitching of the sweater is so beautiful and interesting, I wish I had more sweaters like this one! I accessorized the look by carrying my baby blue Carlos handbag, even though I normally don't wear colorful bags. This baby blue color is really pretty and I am always a fan of blue anything. To me, this look is casual, yet chic. A good mixture of effortless + sophisticated.

I hope you like the pics! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Xo- Tara

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