Downtown LA: Ace Hotel

Last year I shared stories + pics from my 'California Road Trip' as well as 'LA Market Week.' I explained how I travel to Los Angeles twice a year with one of the companies that I work for, Vanilla Star. I work as their showroom model, and every month they have a market in NYC except these two months it's in LA! :) If you know me, you know that I absolutely love to travel so I look forward to these two markets every year. This trip, Zach got to come with me because he was hired to photograph Vanilla Star's new Summer 2016 looks! I love shooting with Zach for my blog, and think it's almost even more fun to shoot with him for a brand! ((Can't wait to share some looks from the shoot soon!!))

Every year we stay downtown at the Ace Hotel, and I think I just keep loving it more and more each time. First of all, it is literally right across the street from work so it is really convenient! The rooms are super cool and rustic, the food at the restaurant is incredible, and my favorite part of all... the rooftop. ((insert heart eye emoji!!)) I could literally hang out on the rooftop all day! The view is stunning, the decor is cute + cozy, and the pool is beautiful...tiny, but beautiful. Zach and I love taking advantage of the roof and drinking our coffees there in the morning before work and before it gets too packed. :) 

I am already looking forward to October market!

Xo- Tara