Leather Leggings

The weather has finally been getting nice in NYC!! Even though it has been a pretty mild winter, it still feels so good knowing that Spring is just around the corner! I've finally been able to stop wearing my massive puffy coat, and start wearing lighter layers... and I am absolutely loving it! 

I wore this outfit to work one day this week, and when I got home it was 1.) still daylight outside... ((thank you daylight savings!)) and 2.) not freezing, so that was more than enough reason for me to shoot! ;) These "leather" leggings were fit on me for a brand called Almost Famous. They are a junior's company that I have been fitting their denim + non denim bottoms for almost 3 years now! I love the deep burgundy color of these leggings, and the way that they feel on the body. They are super comfy- and only $29.99!! I wore them with my Victorinox boatneck black sweater, and my oversized Levi's denim jacket. I had 4 different fittings this day, which means I knew I would be doing a lot of standing in heels. So I decided to wear my Adidas superstars to be as comfy as possible when commuting from job to job. :) I carry this Brooklyn Industries backpack almost every day because I am able to fit so much stuff in it! Unfortunately it is a couple seasons old and out of stock, so I have attached a couple similar styles for you to see below!

Let me know what you think!

Xo- Tara