Sundays with You


Sundays are always big days for Zach and me. We go to church at HillsongNYC, and spend the majority of our Sundays there. We absolutely love it! We met through friends at church, and it is a massive part of our lives. It is what makes NYC home to us. :) Our church has a midtown and a downtown location, and sometimes we go to both because Zach plays keys and sings in the band and gets rostered at both! Last week on Valentine's Day, we somehow managed to have a quick coffee + photoshoot with our talented friend, William Coles. It was FREEZING outside, so making it quick was not a problem!

Here are a few of the photos, hope you enjoy them!

Xo- Tara


  • Beanie: Opening Ceremony
  • Shirt: Zara
  • Pants: Zara
  • Boots: TopShop
  • Coat: Victorinox
  • Bag: Aldo

**Photos by William Coles**