Adidas + UNDO

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with Adidas + Undo-Ordinary. It was so much fun because I was able to basically just work out, which is something that I love to do! :) Afterwards I was asked some questions about being active, and I thought I would share them with you guys along with a few pics!!

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Xo- Tara


· How do you stay active in the winter?

I love to work out at home with my Tracy Anderson ‘Metamorphosis’ DVDs! I have a hard time running when it is super cold out, so working out at home gives me no excuse to blame the weather. These DVDs really kick my butt and keep me active- even if I’m just working out from my living room in Brooklyn!

· How do you prepare for a busy day in NYC?

A healthy breakfast packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats is my favorite way to prepare for a busy day. Waking up with enough time to work out and not feel rushed is the best recipe I have found for staying sane on a hectic day in NYC. Also, staying hydrated seems like the answer to everything these days, but that’s because it basically is! Keeping a water bottle on me at all times gives me more energy to last even the longest of days. Having coffee breaks don’t hurt either…  :)

· Describe what it feels like to run in NYC?

Running in NYC is different than running anywhere else. Instead of feeling like I am running past everything around me, I feel the opposite. When I run here, I feel like I’m trying to keep up with the world around me-- from the speeding taxis, to the fast bikers, the buzzing sounds, and the tall buildings that seem to be multiplying the further and further I run. I am basically in a never-ending race with this city that I could never win no matter how hard I try... But I wouldn’t have it any other way! NYC keeps me going. It keeps me wanting more.

· What are some tips you can give for balancing an active life with a busy schedule?

I like to think of being active and having a busy schedule as one in the same. When I see that my schedule is packed from booking to booking, I know that means I will be rushing to get from place to place. From one booking to the next, I have the opportunity to be active and keep moving. I always walk/run or take the subway. Taking a cab is the easy way out. Also, having a ‘busy’ schedule has a negative connotation. Someone once challenged me to think of my busy life as a FULL life instead. It sounds much better and makes balancing everything else seem a lot more doable.

· What is the one thing that you do every day?

Every day I choose to count my blessings. Remembering where I am now in spite of where I could be is invigorating. I don’t deserve to live in the greatest city in the world doing what I am doing and living out my dreams, but I am. I thank God that my faith has kept me strong no matter what season of life I am in. I am forever grateful.


**Photos by Eli Montes**