Opening Ceremony Shirt Dress

Fit modeling is rewarding in so many ways-- but my favorite part about it is seeing a designer's idea come to life first-hand! It's like watching the fast version of someone's dream becoming reality... You get to see the concept of a design starting with the mood + inspiration board, and then follow along the journey as the design is made into muslin, all the way until it is produced in actual fabric! It's so exciting to play even a small part of in fittings! Before I started fit modeling, I had no idea how much work goes into making a single garment. The many thoughts behind the design, the smallest details in trim + stitching, the construction of the garment, the fabric, the color, the fit... there are SO many steps involved and the entire process generally takes about 9 months from start to finish! By the time the garment is finally in stores, the designer has seen it numerous times, tweaked every small detail, and is now on to the next ((or even the NEXT)) season! It is so interesting to me. :) 

This Opening Ceremony shirt dress is extra special to me because it is one that I got to fit + see the design process unfold. I remember seeing the inspiration board for this particular dress ((including the inspiration behind the cool button detailing with splatter paint)) and being amazed at how much thought was going into just ONE dress! The ruffle neckline, the optional belt, and the back ruching are just a few things that make this shirt dress a stand out! I paired it with my snakeskin TopShop heels to try and make the buttons pop a little more, and added a fur crossover bag!

I hope you like this look! If you watched the OC show from NYFW, it may even look familiar to you! :)

Xo- Tara

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Photos by Kelsey Cherry