Friendspiration Friday: TARA

Introducing this amazing author and inspiring friend-- Tara! 

Tara grew up in a small town just outside of Nashville, Tennessee called Murfeesboro. After graduating high school, her family moved to San Diego, and Tara attended the University of Southern California. After receiving her bachelor's degree in cinematic arts with a minor in advertising, she worked in Hollywood. She first worked at a production and management company, and then at a talent agency. After working in Los Angeles for a few years in the entertainment industry, she decided to get her master's degree in creative writing because she had always dreamed of becoming an author. She found the perfect grad school program all the way in Sydney Australia! Tara quickly fell in love with Sydney, but after getting her master's she decided to move again-- but this time, all the way to New York City! Without a job or an apartment, she made the move to the big city with big dreams of becoming a writer. Just 4 years after moving to NYC, Tara has written and sold her first book, 'Eden's Wish', to Disney-Hyperion! It comes out this Tuesday, September 1st!!! She has a two book deal with Disney, so there is already a sequel in the making! 

Tara is driven, independent, hard-working, passionate, and wise. Whether it be moving across the world to chase her dreams, or traveling through Europe on her own, she is always up for an adventure. She is extremely talented, willing to take risks, and such an incredible friend. Her determination has inspired me in so many ways, and I honestly cannot wait to buy her book and the many others to come!! 

Check out her website here!

Purchase 'Eden's Wish' here! 

Xo- Tara