There are some things in life that you just can't miss. Living pretty far away from family on both my side of the family and Zach's can seem difficult at times. It is hard to not be a part of every family get together, birthday, and holiday celebration. Zach and I both agree that we definitely can't be a part of everything, but there are some things that we truly can't miss.

After telling Zach's whole family that we wouldn't be able to come to his grandparents 20th wedding anniversary party, we realized that this was just one of those things we had to be a part of.  We didn't tell all of his family our change of plans, and decided to surprise them instead! We told a few people, and then did all we could to make the trip possible. After booking last minute flights, a rental car, and planning even more surprises for our weekend trip, we finally arrived in beautiful Wisconsin! To my surprise, the state was warm, sunny, and green!! (Every other time I have been to visit Zach's family it has been beautiful, but in a 'winter wonderland' type of way, completely covered in snow.)

Our introduction upon arriving to the barn where the party would take place was directed to Zach's mom asking, "Which way to Brooklyn?!"  She, and Zach's grandparents, were completely shocked to see us! Oh, how I love surprises! :)

The actual anniversary party was a massive success, complete with Zach singing a little Nat King Cole to get the crowd dancing. As you can tell from the photos, the barn was picturesque and we had tons of fun! I am so thankful for the time well spent with Zach's family!

Happy Anniversary Grandma Barb + Paul!! <3

Xo- Tara