30 Years and Counting

Yesterday was my in-laws 30th wedding anniversary!! It's incredible to see such a beautiful, healthy marriage and have an example like theirs to follow. Dave and Mindy have only been a part of my life for just a couple years, but immediately they made a massive impact on my life. They are full of joy, adventure, love, and passion! 

Just last month when Zach and I flew to Minnesota to visit his family, we planned a surprise celebration for his parents' anniversary along with all of Zach's siblings. We all first took Mindy to TJ Maxx to find something new to wear. Our mini shopping spree was lots of fun! (Priorities...) Then, we hired a photographer to take family photos around downtown Minneapolis. The photographer was Bethany Catharine, and she was super fun and easy to work with,  and so talented! Lastly, we took them to the Nicolette Inn for a nice dinner. 

The food was so delicious, and they even created a special menu for us as well as reserved our own private room to eat in! The table was beautifully set with fresh flowers and delicate glassware. It truly was a special night! At dinner, Heather, Zach's oldest sibling, gave Mindy and Dave a photo book that she put together for them with tons of photos of their family throughout their 30 years together. The old photos sparked talk of old memories and past times. It was so nice to listen to them all laugh, joke around, and go over fun times they have shared together. All in all, it was the perfect ending to a successful anniversary celebration! 

The older I get, the more and more I realize how special family truly is. I've always known that my family is incredible and that I have been so blessed to have been a part of a family like mine. However, now I look around and realize that I have been extremely blessed with TWO awesome families to call my own! I believe that each and every family is special and unique in its own way. May I never take for granted the times I get to share with the people that make me who I am. Family is everything! 

Here are some of the photos from our shoot!

Xo- Tara