Friendspiration Friday: KAT

Introducing this lovely firecracker- Kat!!

Kat was born and raised in Kansas, went to college for fashion design in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved to NYC with her husband 2 years ago. She's absolutely crushing it in the fashion industry! She is a full time womenswear designer for Milly, and on top of that, she recently launched her own line- Kat Seaton

She may tiny, but this girl has a big personality! She's so much fun to be around, extremely lovable, and lives with such deep passion! It takes only a few minutes of conversation with her before she will have already found some way of encouraging you. She is extremely humble and as pretty as they come! Not to mention, her designs are truly inspiring, and she does them all based out of her apartment in Queens! Kat is super inspiring to me in so many ways, and I am so blessed to know her and call her my friend!

Check out her website here:

Xo- Tara