Honeymoon Part I: THAILAND

THE HONEYMOON. I don't even know where to begin. It was basically perfection.

Zach and I knew that we wanted to go on a pretty long honeymoon. We both absolutely love to travel and we wanted to go to a few different places. This was our "logical" reasoning to book the honeymoon before we booked anything at all for the wedding... haha.

Originally we wanted to go to Fiji and Australia. We wanted to stay somewhere tropical, dreamy, secluded, and possibly in a hut over the ocean. We wanted to go to Sydney, Australia for more of a city feel, but still be close to beautiful beaches. I visited Sydney the previous year and absolutely loved it, and Zach had always wanted to go. Our church, Hillsong, in NYC started in Australia and we wanted to visit some of our friends who attend there, as well as see where our church came from since it is such a big part of our lives. When we looked more into doing both trips, it was going to be way over our budget. To stay in the type of place that we wanted in Fiji was super pricy. We started looking into other places nearby like Bali, but then Zach's boss recommended us looking into Thailand. We had not even thought of going there, but that is obviously where we ended up going, and I couldn't have been more happy with our decision! For pricing alone, it could not be beat.

We stayed 7-nights in a beautiful resort called Andaman White Beach Resort. Our room was very private and romantic, almost like our own apartment, with the most gorgeous "backyard" I've ever seen. We had our own little private pool, patio with furniture, and hammock all right on the beach!! You could hear the ocean from our bedroom! The staff at the resort was so sweet and polite. They treated us like royalty and spoiled us because we were on our honeymoon. (That was totally not expected and very much appreciated!) We felt so special and cared for. After the craziness of a wedding and the non-stop planning and preparing it took to make it all happen (with the massive help from all of our friends and family of course), we could not have been more ready to do absolutely noting but lay at the beach for a few days. That was exactly what we did- and then after a few days, we were ready to explore more of Phuket. We went elephant trekking one day. We went hiking and swam in a waterfall the next. We drove to Patong to see the city and go shopping. We got Thai massages. We went boating and rode out to Phi Phi Island one day and went snorkeling in the most beautiful water I've ever seen. Even typing it all feels ridiculous because I can't believe I got to experience a trip like this! All in all, Thailand was a dream and such a great way to begin our honeymoon and marriage! If you have ever considered taking a trip to Thailand, I HIGHLY recommend it. And if you haven't, you should seriously reconsider. :) 

Thanks so much for reading! Also, if you want to see more photos from Thailand, check out the gallery!

Xo- Tara

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