Our Proposal <3

With yesterday being 2 years from our engagement, I thought I would share our proposal story along with some of my favorite pics from our engagement shoot!  Any chance I get to brag on Zach, I usually take it. He is the most amazing husband and I am so honored to be his wife. <3 Also, I absolutely LOVE these photos taken by Brumley and Wells, with stunning florals by Boston Pollen

I hope you enjoy reading a bit of our story! 

Xo- Tara


Zach planned the most romantic proposal! He had me believing that we would spend the day hanging out with our roommates and decorating a Christmas tree at his apartment, and ending in a nice, 'classy Christmas' homemade dinner. However, this was not the plan at all...

My roommate and I, who is also named Tara (haha!), were supposed to meet Zach for breakfast before picking out a Christmas tree. Well, Zach never showed up and instead, one of his friends met me and Tara with a rose and a letter from Zach explaining that there had been a slight change of plans. The letter explained that we had never really celebrated any of our anniversaries, and since the day before was our 6 month anniversary, he wanted me to have a special day starting with manicures for both of us at the salon next door! ((Side note: This was not a give-away because this was not the first time that Zach had treated me to a day at the nail salon. I love getting my nails done and do it quite often, ha!))

Feeling surprised and pampered, Tara and I proceeded to get our nails done and enjoyed spending some girl time together catching up. As our nails were drying, one of the ladies working at the salon delivered another rose and letter to me from Zach! This time, Zach explained that he really wanted to treat me today to celebrate our anniversary and show me how much he appreciated me. The letter ended with an address telling me where to go next..!

The next location was at the restaurant where we first met. Our friend, Wes, was there in his car holding ANOTHER rose and letter for me and told us to get in the car for a ride. In the car was a bag full of my favorite snacks from Zach for me and Tara to enjoy! This letter talked about the day we met and how our journey began. The next thing I knew, Wes had driven me andTara to the cafe that Zach and I first hung out together for coffee. When we walked inside, there was another one of our friends holding a rose and letter from Zach about this special day we shared together back in April when our relationship truly began. At the end of the letter, he told us where to go to next-  a spot near Central Park that we use to always meet up when we both lived in the area. When we arrived, there were 2 more friends waiting for us- each with roses and letters. This continued on as Wes drove me and Tara from place to place- all very meaningful locations in my relationship with Zach. From the Top of the Rock where we had our first official date, and ending on Zach's rooftop in Brooklyn where he first said I love you...at each location I would receive the sweetest handwritten letter and another gorgeous red rose. In the last letter, Zach told me to go downstairs to his apartment and rest. He explained that I needed to be ready to leave again at 3:30pm sharp! Tara and I enjoyed some hot tea and mini sandwiches that were already prepared and waiting for us, and then changed into the dresses we brought to wear to the "classy Christmas dinner" I thought we were going to have.  :) 

This is the part where everyone always asks me, "Yeah, but didn't you know that he was proposing?!!" And the answer is honestly no...I truly thought he had planned a special day for our anniversary and I couldn't believe how much thought he had put into it and felt guilty that I hadn't really done anything for him, haha. Zach is the sweetest guy in the entire world and he is very romantic, so him treating me this special for an anniversary wasn't a shocker! I was just enjoying the moment and couldn't wait for the next- knowing that sooner or later I would end up seeing him and getting to finally thank him for the most perfect day!

Finally, Tara and I got ready and I assumed we would be going to a nice dinner with friends. I thought that Wes was taking us to a restaurant and Zach probably had asked some friends to come to surprise me or something...little did I know what was about to happen! Wes ended up taking us to The Standard Hotel, which is where one of Zach's roommates worked. His roommate, Austin, took both me and Tara inside and all the way to the top floor of the hotel to the restaurant and rooftop area. And THAT is where I finally saw him! He was standing there on the roof with the most beautiful sunset behind him, holding yet another rose and letter, and looking as handsome as ever in his suit and bowtie! I was in awe! I walked straight over to him without hesitation and gave him a huge hug! He told me this was my last letter, but this time he wanted to read it to me...

He began to read the letter and it all hit me- this was not just a special day for our 6th month anniversary- this was the first day of the rest of my life! The next thing I knew, he was on his knee asking me to marry him while holding the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever laid my eyes on!! I was so incredibly shocked and overwhelmed with love and excitement and joy all at once! That was the greatest feeling I have ever felt...and it STILL wasn't over! Our friend Matty, who is an amazing photographer, was there and took several photos of us on the rooftop. Zach's brother Caleb had flown in from Minnesota, and of course Tara and Austin were there to experience this moment with us! Then, all of us went to La Bottega (one of our favorite restaurants in NYC that is now closed!) where Zach had planned a surprise engagement party for me with all of our closest friends! His mom and dad had also flown to NYC for the engagement and surprised us both, along with my sister, Shannon, and my brother-in-law, Matt! I still cannot believe this day actually happened and how absolutely perfect it was, but more importantly, how I get to be married to the most perfect man that I have ever known!!