Friendspiration Friday: JORDAN

Introducing this beautiful babe — JORDAN! 

Jordan was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in a really small town in South Jersey. (She jokes that her town was so small, she could never get away anything because everyone knew her parents haha!) She went to college at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY and majored in Public Relations and Creative Writing. 

Jordan moved to NYC in 2008 to attend college, but mostly to reconnect with her mom. The two of them lost touch when Jordan was in middle school, and she really wanted to let go of who she thought her mom was and learn who she really was. She wanted them to be able to form a genuine relationship with each other, and they have done just that!

 After college, Jordan stayed in NYC and began working in social media. She started working for @Refinery29, and now is the Social Media Editor for @Bustle! I asked Jordan what was one of her dreams, and I will let you read her response because it's so amazing and inspiring! "People have a lot of negative things to say about social media (it's a distraction, it breeds negativity, it's frivolous) to them I'd say you're using an incredible tool completely wrong. The way you interact with others is a reflection of the health of your own soul — I want to show people social media can be a tool for connection, for positivity, and for dialogue that can aid and shape you. It's a goal of mine to educate people on the positive side of social and to build platforms that connect people and help them move forward in their everyday life."

On top of being a social butterfly and the ultimate people lover, Jordan is an incredible friend, an amazing encourager, and always fun to be around! She's the wittiest person I know, and knows all the latest news and current events at any given moment. I truly admire her in so many ways and am constantly inspired by who she is as a person! Not to mention-- she is getting married to her best friend, Ryan, in a month and a half!! The two of them have the cutest love story and are a match made in heaven. I cannot wait to be there for their big day! :)

I love you, Jordan! Thanks for letting me share a little bit of who you are! 

Xo- Tara