Friendspiration Friday: VASHA

Introducing my incredibly multi-talented friend— VASHA!

Vasha grew up in Stockton, California. She went to college at UNLV (the University of Nevada, Las Vegas) for Theatre Design and Film. She later moved to NYC to fulfill her dreams, and has been here for the last 5 years. She is now an unstoppable and successful entrepreneur, and works as the Creative Director for a fitness + fashion magazine called Undo Ordinary, as well as a freelance photographer. (Oh, and she's also an incredible cook!)

One of her biggest desires is to find ways to make her world smaller, and she intends to continue using the power of social media to bring job opportunities to her community. This is something she does so well!

It's hard to keep up with Vasha because she's always on the go (literally— she's an avid runner!) and she's always finding new and exciting opportunities to get into. I love that so much about her! She has such a passionate drive for adventure that is contagious just being around her. She's one of the most inclusive people I've ever met, and is all about bringing people into her world and living her life out loud so that others can join in the fun.

Vasha, you kick butt at everything you do! Thanks for being an inspiration to many. I love you so much!

Check out UNDO-ORDINARY here!

Xo- Tara